Zahra Ghyasi

I was born on 1981 and currently live and work in Tehran, Iran. My early years was concurrent with Iran- Iraq war, and those years of dread and terror had a great impact on me. Consequently, planning for survival and saving the joy and happiness occupied my mind and I tried to imagine being alive through the lens of death and terror.

I started my career as a visual artist in 2010 although prior to that I had been educated in several non-academic art courses. My first professional project was on car crashes and painting crash scenes, naming them with romantic labeling. This was a great leap into the dark for me and I received controversial responses to my work. In 2015 I had a solo show of them in Tehran. Next project was largescale cityscapes of Tehran and searching for what I can call seeking for the prominent destructive element in my environment. This series, titled Apoptosis where shown successfully in 2017 and now I am getting ready for my next shows in Tehran and elsewhere.

This is reflected in my painstaking and rather time taking process of making largescale and detailed paintings. The paintings share a dark romantic and sometimes dark pastoral mood but here the sublime is taking place in a more or less familiar scene. Thus they explore the idea of destruction and atrophy and how they translate into the context of Anthropocene. In this era all aspects of life get destabilized and what I want to convey through painting is how a new concept of destruction is being born today, how old ideas of it get deconstructed and inhabitable gets inhibited.